Dissolving: Crossing the river

Anton Graff: The Elbe under Dresden, ca. 1800. Gemäldegalerie Alter Meister, Dresden

Crossing the Elbe at sunrise, the day before yesterday

Walter writes:

Dániel’s new post touched me but not with words. So I reply in kind, but blogger comment does not accept images.

We live in the Old Town part of Kingston upon Hull five minutes walk from the Humber Estuary with all its moods (much flooding in the rivers feeding the Humber). That day there was no sound other than the mournful foghorn and muffled voices from the boat leaving on the tide: I felt the same stepping out of time that Dániel alludes to.

Over 2.2 million Jewish immigrants passed through Hull in the century before 1914. Hilary’s family stayed here possibly because they had no money for onward passage. The Jewish community here is now in decline, a few hundred remain, but the history is still to be found in the detail in which you specialise.

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Kálmán Dániel dijo...

Thank you very much, Walter! It was worth to write my post, then. And I'm looking forward to read yours on the Jews of Kingston-upon-Hull!