But who is that Hittler?

“Here’s the Fresh News! The Fresh News! The great trial, whose heroes are Hitler and Ludendorff! Hitler and Ludendorff!”
“But who is that Hitler?”

Pál Sándor: Régi idők focija (Old-Time Football), 1973

Because every child knows who Ludendorff is. Chief of the General Staff of Generalfeldmarschall von Hindenburg in the recently ended Great War, initiator of the unrestricted submarine war against Great Britain, by which he attained a US declaration of war, and inventor of the idea of sending Lenin home on a German armored train to destabilize Russia, and we know how that turned out. And most recently, on 8-9 November 1923, one of the leaders of the so-called Munich Beer Hall Putsch aimed at overthrowing the Weimar Republic.

Hitler and Ludendorff! Hitler and Ludendorff!

But who is this Hitler, of whom the Hungarian monthly Tolnai Világlapja cannot even find a good photo to publish?

Tolnai Világlapja, 1923

“6. The soldiers of Hittler wanted to march against Berlin with trucks. 7. Hittler, the leader of the Bavarian coup ( × ) and Baron Roszbach ( ×× ), leader of the nationalists, after the failure of the coup attempt”

“The arming of the citizens of Munich. Hittler, in whom a mere paint slopper became a nationalist leader, and Ludendorf, the former German Chief of General Staff, as is well known, wanted to put an end to the German Republic, and march against Berlin. Their plan has failed, and their undertaking ended in a miserable fiasco. Our photo shows the scene, where, on Hittler’s command, they distribute weapons to the applicants.”

“Hittler’s soldiers drove trucks to the designated locations to prevent the imperial troops from marching in. However, their resistance soon ended in failure. Our photo shows the preparations of a Hittler troop in a suburb of Munich.”

“One of Hittler’s mortars on the streets of Munich. Hittler and Ludendorf wanted to repel the attacking imperial troops with heavy mortars, and then march against Berlin. Fortunately, they have been prevented in due time in their nation-destroying intentions. Our photo shows a mortar with two heavy cannons (Kevstone) on two sides.”

Fortunately, in spite of all these transitional, sinister and forgettable episodes, Germany was able to maintain its former dignity. There even the Socialists are not alien-hearted, but real irredentists, who march with the party flag in protest against the shameful Versailles treaty. They do not besmirch the name of the country, like this … what’s his name … Hittler.

“A funeral march for the Allied occupation of the Ruhr area. Throughout Germany, somber, silent and dignified protests have been staged due to the occupation of the Ruhr area. Our photo shows the scene where the Socialists of Munich march with their flags to the place of the protest.”

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