Venice, as you have never seen

“When my parents took me to Venice, we stayed only a few hours. My father limited to two the buildings we actually entered: the Basilica of St. Mark and Harry’s Bar”, writes John Julius Norwich, the great monographer of Venice. And we, modern tourists are not very different either.

In this long weekend I would like to show you another Venice, after many years of walking around and reading about Venice. Going from courtyard to courtyard, house to house, revealing the hidden secrets, telling the stories of the places, from the Armenian monastery to the just 500-year-old Jewish ghetto, from the palace of the Patriarch of Venice to the fishermens’ quarter of Beggar St. Nicholas, from the oldest – by six years 1600 years old – church of Venice to the modern housing estates converted from the old factories.

Venice is a small-scale town, only a small company can really explore it. I am looking forward to eight participants on the long weekend of 12 to 15 March. If we are more, we will repeat it in April. We start with a minibus in the dawn from Budapest (if you come from elsewhere, you can join us later), we stay in an old palazzo in the heart of the old town, next to the church of the Frari, we have dinner in the last traditional taverns left. At the end of the four days we will take with us a different Venice, a city close to our hearts, to which we will want to come back many times.

Participation fee (minibus, acommodation, guide): 350 euro. Registration at the usual e-mail

The sights of Rialto and surroundings (the eastern part of the sestiere San Polo), trailer of a full interactive map of Venice. An illustration to how we will walk around all Venice.

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