I’ve Taken It To Pieces

The Hungarian “I’ve Taken It To Pieces” project – “something just a bit, but something to the extreme, because the Lord has given a screwdriver in my hand” –, whose link was given to us by Grimpix, fits quite well to the retronautic, fact-finding and creative thread of Río Wang. Let us now see only one random project of the six hundred and ninety ones which unveil what operated the fallen regime from the background for long decades. The numbered pictures follow each other in a strict boustrophedon order, that is, the lines turn back to the opposite direction at the wall.

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Effe dijo...

Now I got it (the question was: what does this post remind to me?).
Bohumil Hrabal, The Little Town Where Time Stood Still. The father of the character who tells the story used to take his Orion motorbike’s engine to piceces every Saturday. If something went wrong, while disassembling, he broke with a hammer his o someone else’ watch over anger . Don’t know if the watch changed itself into something else, but for sure a very good story came out of it.

Studiolum dijo...

Oh yes, I remember! Yes, absolutely the same story, transposed into another reality. I will share it on the Hungarian version, too, where nobody noticed it, but surely everyone will realize their deep identity.