Dissolving: The beast

Emmanuel Fremiet (1824-1910): Gorilla carrying off a woman, second version, 1887 (the first version, rejected by the Paris Salon: 1858). Nantes, Musée des Beaux-Arts

Cartoon by Homer Davenport against the “Crokerism” (Richard Croker’s influence) dominating New York, 1898

Poster of the American film Ravished Armenia (1919)

Aubrey Beardsley’s illustration (1894-1895) to Poe’s The murders in the Rue Morgue (1841)

Journal des Voyages, 31 January 1909. (An earlier issue of 1885 here, and its model – one of the most important sources of 19th-century gorilla madness – here and here).

“Destroy this mad brute! Enlist US Army” Anti-German Anglo-American war poster, 1917-1918 (Norman Lindsay’s Australian version of 1918 here)

“Destroy the German beast!” Nikolai Khaldogin’s photo, Leningrad, blocade, December 1941 – February 1942. The original poster has not survived, but its colored version was prepared for a film shooting in 2011.