Eastern Easter in Lemberg

Within a few days starts our four-day tour to the Eastern Easter in Lemberg/Lwów, May 3-6 (Friday to Monday). One of the most beautiful weekends, a veritable festival in the multi-ethnic, multi-confessional city, when the Greek Catholic, Armenian Catholic and Orthodox Easter coincide with each other. I will indicate the date of the most beautiful Easter celebrations of the various confessions, at which the participation is of course optional, just like at the peak of the feast, the Resurrection Mass at Saturday night.

In Saturday and Sunday we will walk about the old city of Lemberg, the Armenian and Jewish quarter, the Art Nouveau neighborhoods and the surviving monuments of the Jewish suburb, and will also visit the open air museum of Rusyn wooden churches. On the way to Lemberg we will visit the town of Drohobycz, birthplace of Bruno Schulz, and on the way back we will stop to look around above the Carpathian Mountains on the Pass of Verecke.

Costs (travel with minibus + accommodation + guide): 250 euro. There are four last places left in the bus: you are welcome to join us!