Odessa 1905, with the sites of Río Wang’s posts. Full size

On the Deribasovskaya, at the corner of Rishelievskaya…
The spirit of Odessa
Odessa Tales
The Greek Odessa
The flea market in Odessa
The Moldavanka
Faces from the City Park
Stairways of Odessa
The Fanconi Café’s teaspoon found
Odessa 1931. Color photos by Branson DeCou
Courtyards in the Polish Street
New Year in Odessa
Odessa, the city of marvels
Odessa, ghost city
Odessa, 2 May 2014
Travel reports:
Odessa, minute by minute, April 2013
East Unlimited, April 2013
Together in Odessa, October 2012

“Apart from decks, it smelt of acacias, dry seaweed, the camomile in the cracks of the sea wall, and of tar and rust. Occasionally, all these smells were washed away by a special after-storm smell from the open sea. It was quite unlike, and could not be mistaken for anything else. It was as though a girl’s arm, cool from bathing, were brushing my cheek.”
Konstantin Paustovsky, 1920

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