“These spread-out sheets remind me those of Lwów”, writes Effe in his comment to the previous post on Odessa. And although every city has its own style of spreading out, the old towns of Lwów and Odessa are really similar to each other in many ways. Primarily because of that light Late Eclectic and Art Nouveau style which at that time was a common language of this region from Vienna to Baku, and which has been faithfully preserved even in the decaying houses of the cities gulped up by the Soviet Union. For example, in the stairways. The following pictures were taken by Anton Polyakov in Odessa.

And the following ones were photographed by us in Lwów. In these pictures we see primarily the similarities with the stairways of Odessa. What is different in them, comes rather from the difference in our ways of seeing.

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SR dijo...

If Art Nouveau style was a common language of this region from Vienna to Baku (via Riga maybe), it's amazing to see how much Odessa, seen from its staircases and courtyards, looks like a Tbilissi's twin sister.

Studiolum dijo...

I think the style might have been spread to Baku via Polish architects, very active there at the time of the first oil boom. And yes, Tbilisi is also included in the large span of Art Nouveau!