Courtyards of Odessa

The Polish Street (which since May 2010 bears the name of the Polish president Lech Kaczyński, killed in the Smolensk plane crash) is one of the oldest streets in Odessa. It already figures on the map of 1805, published ten years after the foundation of the city – writes Anton Polyakov. From many of its flats – for example, from those of house number 5 here below, the scene of several films on Odessa – secret staircases and underground passages lead to the nearby port. In the houses that once saw better days, a number of renowned figures of the city lived in the golden age of Odessa. Their memory is preserved only by the walls and by the various sites compiled by the local lovers of the city. We will soon write more about them.

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Effe dijo...

India/USA/Turkey :)
Those spreaded-out sheets remaind me Tamten Lwow

Studiolum dijo...

You’re right! There are a number of close similarities between the two cities. I will soon write more about it.