Paul Klee:
Bell Angel • Forgetful angel

Steve Morrison:

Klee designed in 1939 his series of charming, clumsy and dutiful angels. Seventy years later the brothers (sisters?) or at least cousins of these angels seem to reappear in the blog of Poltavka. She cannot tell either from where she took them. From the original link they have simply disappeared. Angels are like this.

(Update: Now they are all together at the author’s site.)

guardian angel

fallen angel

angel twisting in a bulb

initiative angel • angel in despair

The average angel contains 80% of music,
and its music metabolism proceeds continuously.

smoke break
(board inscription: Deliberation, keep silent)

in the lift take care to call the right level

new ones to grow

remembering the happy childhood

at leisure

angel out of service or not available
(board inscription: Out for restocking)

For more Klee-inspired angels see the book of Riccardo Mazzoni and Carlo Trevisan.

7 comentarios:

Julia dijo...

Una pregunta ¿en ruso, "guardián" y conserva (preserves, en inglés, creo) usan términos similares? Porque el Ángel Guardián está ocupándose de frascos de conservas ¿no?
Muy lindos también los ángeles del librito italiano, gracias!
El post me hizo pensar en una película que me había gustado tanto hace mucho, Der Himmel über Berlin de Wim Wenders ¿la recuerdan?

Studiolum dijo...

Yes, the word used for “guardian” (angel) in Russian also meens “keeping” or “storing”. A bit similarly to the original Latin “angelus custos” where “custos” is also used for the guardian of a cellar or a treasure-house. Just as if it were called “preserving angel”.

Yes, the Berlin of Wim Wenders is the absolute classic of angel lore!

Steve Morrison dijo...

That first angel is actually a drawing of mine. It's inspired by Klee's angels. Glad you found it :)

-Steve Morrison

Studiolum dijo...

Wow! And I was convinced it was a genuine Klee. I do not remember where I found it, but surely in a place where it was affirmed about it. Now I will correct the caption. Congratulations, and thank you!

Anónimo dijo...

Hi! My name is Artem. I'm the author of these pictures with the angels. You can find all pics here:

Thank you!

Studiolum dijo...

Thanks a lot, Artem, both for designing them and for the new link. I have included it in the text!

MOCKBA dijo...

There is a cool angel in Artem's Zodiac collection too, under "Libra". Thanks for sharing!