Dissolving: Front Fighters' Association

Germany, 1932: “Workers of the mind and of the fist: Vote for Hitler, the front fighter!”

Russia, 2005: “Civil Defense Vodka”

За победу, товарищи!” – “For the victory, comrades!”

On the 2005 St. Petersburg International Wine and Vodka Fair, the “Civil Defense” of the Kristall vodka factory received the first prize in the “Golden Brand” category for “the high-level application of traditional Russian art and professional constructivist design.” In the designers’ own words:

“The style of the “Civil Defense”’s label was conceived in the spirit of early 20th-century poster art. Black, white and red colors, rigid, asymmetric shapes. The graphics even more underlines the emotional weight and the incapability of opportunism.”

On other compatibilities, equally incapable of opportunism, we have already written, and will also write more soon.

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