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Dong Yuan 董源 (934-962): 潇湘图 Views along Xiao and Xiang rivers. Beijing, Palace Museum

Dear Readers and Fellow Travelers,

In real life, our journeys have stopped for a while, but they continue on Río Wang. From this Thursday, 2 April on, I invite you to an online virtual journey once a week. Via the Zoom conference program, I will be giving lectures about a variety of journeys: real journeys, monuments visited, exhibitions, history, pictures, people. Although it will be mainly me who tells stories and shows pictures, videos and music, nevertheless, the program also offers you the opportunity to speak, ask questions and chat with each other, like we do in our real journeys. Later I will also publish the presentations in written form here in the blog. I will announce the topic of each lecture a few days beforehand via e-mail and on Facebook. Suggestions are also welcome.

If you want to attend, please e-mail me at to receive an invitation to join the virtual meeting. The version of Zoom I have subscribed to has room for 100 participants, this is the number who come to my live presentations in Budapest. If a lot more people sign up, then I have to subscribe to a multi-participant version, which is quite expensive, so in that case I will have to ask for a small “room rental contribution”.

The Thursday presentations will be in Hungarian, but if enough of you are interested, I will repeat it in English (or possibly later in another world language, Italian, Spanish, German, French or Russian). The planned time for the Hungarian presentation is 4 pm on Thursday, for the English one 4 pm on Friday. If this is not good for you, e.g. because it conflicts with some other virtual program, write me. It’s important to hold it in daylight, because I don’t have professional lighting, but I live in a former painter’s studio where I have very good natural light until dusk.

Wu Zhen 吳鎮 (1280-1354): Fisherman, taken from here

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