Wild East

“I was just waiting anxious for the administrative procedural law resit exam, when I caught sight of these, and they immediately reminded me of the century old graffiti on the wall of the Faculty of Literature, reported here on Río Wang. Now it is time for the Pázmány University to join it, too. These are much younger and less can be read out of them, but what do you think, is it worth to share them with the Wang readers?” – asks Petya. And of course it is worth!

The building of the Faculty of Law under Szentkirályi Street 28 was originally built for the St. Stephen Society book publisher and its printing house, the Stephaneum in 1898. At the nationalization of 1948 it was given to the Franklin printing house, and in 1990 it went over to the ownership of the university. Its unplastered red brick cover almost invites to noting down a hic fuit, and as the pictures show, after the nationalization there were a good number of people who could not resist the temptation.

29 June 1955 / 2 July 1999

L. Gy. 5 Aug 1964

TA FE Tihanyi (?) 1957. q E

R L 5 June 1964

Lóci, 29 July 1967

Head of an American Native chieftain. Below: “WINETTU” (Winnetou), to the right: “UFF” (Ough!) I cannot make out the inscription to the left. No date is visible.

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