Budapest, Eastern Railway Station, yesterday afternoon

These days, the vast majority of the traveling public opts to go to Szombathely, on the Hungarian-Austrian border, only for lack of a better option, and from there they continue their way on foot, but I actually have a meeting today in Szombathely. All the displays, and even the clocks in the Kelenföld railway station, in the western outskirts of Budapest, are dark, like in times of war, to prevent unauthorized access to information about the movement of trains. “A ticket for the 10:11 intercity, please.” “Unfortunately, all tickets have been sold out for second class, and for first class… checking… also for first class. You should perhaps choose a different train.” “A later train, you mean?” “Well, yes. There is one at 10:37 via Székesfehérvár, and somewhat later via Győr.” “And you think that there will be space on these?” “Well, I think yes, since they start from the Buda railway station, not from the Eastern one in Pest.” “And which one do you recommend?” “Er, I do not know. The one via Székesfehérvár is slower, and the rails are being repaired between Ajka and Boba, there you have to change for the bus, and then back to the train. But via Győr, towards Vienna, they are walking the entire length along the rails.”

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