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Mallorca, map of Despuig, Punic stone ram head
Mallorca is a tiny island. One has to economize on place. Data must be compressed. And as Mallorca is also a tradition-bound island, an ancient Punic island, Hannibal was born here and the Balearic slingers cleaned the field before the war elephants, therefore the CD compression has been done with Punic stone ram heads since time immemorial. Only now was an innovation introduced by Wang Wei who is well versed in the great world. He already uses black basalt cobblestone for compression from Prague, from the pavement of the road in front of Faust’s house. The efficiency of compression is supported on this wall by the historical weight of Archbishop Despuig’s map of Mallorca, and on the facing wall by the aesthetic weight of Joan Miró’s painting dedicated to Wang Wei. Not to this Wang Wei however, but to his father, it is him with whom they were friends.

Mallorca and the Balearic Islands, Atlas of Janssonius

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