“We are told that, as he was crossing the Alps and passing by a barbarian village which had very few inhabitants and was a sorry sight, his companions asked with mirth and laughter, «Can it be that here too there are ambitious strifes for office, struggles for primacy, and mutual jealousies of powerful men?» Whereupon Caesar said to them in all seriousness, «I would rather be first here than second at Rome.»”
Plutarch, Parallel lives. Julius Caesar, 11.

Julio César, gobernador

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Hola, hola Fleur! Gracias por tu voto. Mas ¿dónde ha desaparecido tu blog? ¡Me echa de menos!

Studiolum dijo...

Eh, I get crazy with these double reflexive verbs... I simply wanted to say that I missed it... :)