Magnolia Feast

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Maria Thoidou: Της αγάπης το μετάξι (Love’s silk) (3'06"). From the album Της αγάπης το μετάξι (1994).

Επέρασε πολύς καιρός
οπου τον περιμένω
καράβι που δεν φαίνεται
στη θάλασσα χαμένο.

Μού’χε τάξει, μού’χε τάξει
της αγάπης το μετάξι.

Πες μου βοριά, πες μου νοτιά
ανατολή και δύση
μήπως τον εθωρήσατε
αυτόν πού’χ’αγαπήσει.

Μού’χε τάξει, μού’χε τάξει
της αγάπης το μετάξι.

Ήμουν ανθός στα χέρια του,
στα μάτια του φεγγάρι
μα τώρα που μ’αρνήθηκε
το φως μου τό’χει πάρει.

Μού’χε τάξει, μού’χε τάξει
της αγάπης το μετάξι.
Long time has passed
since I’ve been waiting
since I have not seen
the ship lost on the sea

I’m keeping, I’m still
keeping love’s silk

tell me north, tell me south
sunrise and sunset
whether you have seen
him whom I would love

I’m keeping, I’m still
keeping love’s silk

I was a flower in your hands
the moon I was for your eyes
but since you have left me
light has left me, too

I’m keeping, I’m still
keeping love’s silk

6 comentarios:

lisa b. dijo...


Megkoronáz A.J.P. dijo...

Are they out now? So much earlier than northern Europe. Yes, beautiful.

Studiolum dijo...

Thank you, Lisa and A.J.P. Yes, they are already out, and in our garden, laying in a rather cold valley, even a bit later than elsewhere. This one, standing in front of my window - my liebling, planted by me and blooming only for my sake, in spite of all rational and natural considerations - was out in last Sunday and already began to fade away as you can see in some photos.

Julia dijo...

Me encanta que hayas incluido las flores un poco marchitas. No es algo que suela hacerse cuando se muestran jardines. Nos remonta un poco a dos reflexiones previas "Et in Arcadia ego" y "entre los pucheros anda el Señor". Las puse en el orden en que se publicaron en Poemas de Río Wang, pero confieso que primero pensé en la frase de Santa Teresa ¿No merezco una felicitación por el optimismo?
En todo caso, tus flores son bellísimas (aunque esto suene algo "grasa" en porteño)

A.J.P. Megkoronáz dijo...

"En porteño", I've learnt a new phrase. I will tell my daughter. We like dead flowers too.

Studiolum dijo...

¡Felicitación! Sí, el Señor anda también entre la natura muerta. :) A great thing in nature is that it is beautiful even when dying in its own way. This is something I always missed in Bauhaus buildings: that they cannot get old with dignity.