I have weighed everything

Pesti Napló, 29 July 1914

Pester Lloyd, 29 July 1914

Feldblatt, 30 July 1914

Kurjer Lwowski, 29 July 1914

Čech, 29 July 1914

Naša Sloga, 6 August 1914

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walter dijo...

On Thursday, July 30th 1914, The Times printed the rescript and manifesto of his Apostolic Majesty, noting "some striking points of similarity to the manifesto issued by him to his peoples on April 28, 1859, at the beginning of the war with Sardinia (Piedmont), which ended in Austrian defeat at Magenta and Solferino and in the loss of Lombardy."

It was with "tranquil conscience" (1859) and with "serene conscience" (1914), that war was declared, invoking honour, duty to the ruling House and Fatherland, and responsibility before the Almighty. The world's bourses were less serene.