Ricardo Malerba: Corazón de artista. Tango from Café Sztuka.

The Штука Café in Lemberg breathing a genuine air of the Monarchy – whose brilliant website should be visited even by those who cannot read Cyrillic letters – will be presumably soon analyzed both in- and outside from the keyboard of Studiolum. However, one of the pictures beside the window deserves to be separately considered in a brief post.

Notice the officer’s portrait at the left, beside the window. This was originally part of a series with many items.

Klaudius Freiherr von Czibulka (1862?-?)

Oskar Bruch drew in 1915 – probably with chalk – an almost complete series of the K.u.K. and German officer corps. In addition to the detailed description of the series, regarded as invaluable by military historians, you can also click here, where you can see all the portraits on one page.

Oskar Bruch (1869-1943)

Here we only publish a small subjective selection from the most interesting heads.

Eduard Freiherr von Böhm-Ermolli. In 1918 the Monarchy’s troops occupied the Ukraine under his leadership.

Artur Freiherr von Bolfras, head of Franz Joseph’s cabinet office

Svetozar Boroevic. It was him to lose, with severe blood sacrifice, the battle at
the Piave, also because he did not accept the plan of the “young” fleet
commander Miklós Horthy, who intended to attack the Italians
in the back with low-sinking battleships on the Po.

Anton Höfer. The Monarchy’s war bulletins were published under his name

Kövess Hermann. He was the only one to get an exemption from the obligatory moustache because of his psoriasis.

Erik Edler von Merizzi. Franz Ferdinand’s Sarajevo program was changed
because of his wound, and this made possible the assassination.

Eduard Graf Paar, Franz Joseph’s chief aide-de-camp

Archduke Friedrich, the official commander in chief of the army after the death of Franz Ferdinand

Archduke Karl Franz Joseph, heir to the throne

Karl Graf von Kirchbach auf Lauterbach

Julius Kaiser

Archduke Joseph Ferdinand

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Effe dijo...

I didn’t know that moustache was mandatory. However, out of prevention, I wear a moustache!
Tango is the best dance in the world, I think. But I could be wrong about that: I don’t dance at all.
As a biker and a lover of vintage bikes, what about the one the first picture?

Tamas DEAK dijo...

Yes, and there was also specific hair length (between 3-6 cm)

MOCKBA dijo...

Of course tango rulz :) Still strictly speaking Malerba's Corazón de artista isn't a tango. It is a vals (a waltz performed by a tango orquesta and intended for being danced the tango way, but still in a waltz tripartite beat and in a waltz spirit of circularity)

Tamas DEAK dijo...

But is it real to feel a Slavic café house? Because for me it fits completely :)