Play with us

We have never applied for GoldenBlog, the most prestigious blog contest of Hungary. Yet each year our readers submit Poemas del Río Wang. And once we play, let us play it well. If you really like our blog, please vote for it until 6 September with your Facebook profile on the GoldenBlog ballot page, in the second, “Kult-Szórakozás” – that is, Culture and Entertainment – category, in the sixth row (“A Wang folyó versei” = the Hungarian title of our blog). Just imagine what a shame it would be if the number of the votes lagged far behind that of those liking our blog on Facebook, which is 1245 in this moment. You see? So go and click. Thank you!

2 comentarios:

Rupert Neil Bumfrey dijo...

Voted and hopefully you win

Studiolum dijo...

Oh, you just hope it because this is the only Hungarian blog you know. In fact, all the others are far better! ;)

Thanks a lot, Rupert!