Dissolving: The organ grinder

Willy Römer, the photographer of everyday life in Berlin between 1905 and 1935: An organ grinder and his monkey amusing the children in the courtyard, 1925

Robert Capa: Organ grinder in Berlin, August 1945

Organ-grinder playing in the courtyard of Berlin, Fasanenstraße 13, 1965

Gerhard Thieme (1928-), the GDR’s official gag sculptor: Memorial to the organ-grinder, 1987.
In Berlin’s Nikolaiviertel, first destroyed and then re-created as a socialist disneyland,

about which we will write more, in the courtyard of the Reinhardt Pub

Franz Schubert, Die Winterreise Op. 89. XXIV: The hurdy-gurdy man (Der Leiermann). Performed by Dietrich Fischer Dieskau

For further organ-grinders and monkeys in pre-war Warsaw and Lwów, the disappeared Bucharest and bombed-out Budapest, America and the Caucasian Georgia, as well as in pre- and post-revolution Russia, paddle back on Río Wang.

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Anónimo dijo...

It looks like a South American monkey. I wonder about the stories of these monkeys. I wonder about the relationship between the organ-grinder and the monkey.

We have a very close relationship with our animals, so I tend to think about these other people in other times.