Dissolving: Planet of the Cats

With the speed of a ball of yarn batted around by cats, the above graphic is being spread on the net, making visually clear the takeover of a new dominant race over our planet. Too late to repine. You should have taken note of the first warning a hundred and seventy years ago. How innocent they appeared at that time!

Heinrich Berghaus: Verbreitung des Katzen-Geschlechts, Genus-Felis (The spreading of the genus of the cats, Genus Felis). Justus Perthes, Gotha, 1845

Sándor Weöres – Ferenc Sebő, March of the Cats

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Tororo dijo...

I'm a bit puzzled: why are in the first map the Mediterranean and Baltic areas the same black color as Southern Asia? (for the Black Sea, it's self-explanatory). Do they host a subspecies of amphibious felines?