Ex libris

Omnia mea mecum porto, I carry with me all what is mine – an ideal motto for him who usually goes around the world with a single backpack. Although I prefer the version of the emblem illustrated with, rather than Rollenhagen’s turtle, the snail, who carries his entire house with him everywhere. But the most perfect symbolic animal, I think, would be a kangaroo, with a one-terabyte external hard drive in its pouch.

Because, in fact, the most burdensome task is to carry even your library with you, or at least those few dozen books, which you need in those far away lands. To this end, it is best to photograph / scan the books purchased, and then to give them away. The more precious, rare or useful ones to libraries, so that more people have access to them. And once you follow the example of the library-enriching maecenases, like them, you will also want to leave some sign of your gesture in the book. For example, by a simple, but nice seal. “Gift of riowang.com”, if you give it to an international library, “A wangfolyo.com ajándéka”, if you want to bestow it upon a collection of your native Hungarian land.

For the design of these two stamps I hereby announce a competition for the readers of río Wang. The deadline is exactly one week, when I would like to bring home the first consignment to the Budapest Public Library. I’ll post the best designs for a voting here on the blog. And the award is that this stamp and the name/link of its designer will be at the top of the page on which I will list the books donated to the various libraries, to ease the access to them. And, of course, that this seal will be seen by everyone picking up the book in the libraries. By many, I hope.

On field trip in Nowy Wiśnicz

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