Cortile della Madonna

The steps rattle down the wooden stairs from the height of two floors while I set light. The man draws back behind the column – there, you see? – and waits until I click. “Kommen, Madonna!” he says then excitedly. “I speak Russian,” I say, but he already leads me to the courtyard, and shows the Luca della Robbia reminiscence-relief. “How does it come here?” “This our house is very old. Very, very old.”
Los pasos de alguien que baja retumban por la escalera de madera mientras ajusto la cámara. Un hombre se retira detrás de la columna —ahí, ¿veis?— y se queda quieto hasta que disparo. «Kommen, Madonna!», me dice enseguida con entusiasmo. «Hablo ruso», le digo, pero ya me está arrastrando al patio para mostrarme un relieve con cierto aire a Luca della Robbia. «¿Cómo ha llegado hasta aquí?» «Esta casa nuestra es muy vieja. Muy, muy vieja».

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Effe dijo...

but not a 1400 house, I suppose, and not a 1400 man :-)
Great, this is a Lwòw that doesn't appear in tourist guides

Studiolum dijo...

Although the house – in via Fedor 8, one step from the main square – must surely have Quattrocento foundations, what you can see is certainly not older than the end of the 19th century, the golden age of Lemberg. However, for a local person to whom access to real history has been forbidden for almost a hundred years, this is certainly very, very old.

I am just collecting mosaics of a Lwów that does not appear in tourist guides – in order to compose a little tourist guide in which they will soon appear (first as an e-book in Spanish, but later also in other languages, inshallah).