The Joys of Yinglish

ekstra neyes ayn die Ist Seyd!
eyn groyser bankrat seyl fun vare
fun men’s farnishing
mus oysferkoyft veren in 15 teg
komt und koyft groyse bargins
vare verd ferkoyft af halbe preysen. komt und ibertseygt aykh.

New York, Delancey Street, 29 July 1908
from the recently published New York City Municipal Archives

on the original The Joys of Yinglish see here

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Araz dijo...

Studiolum this must be from the recently digitized photo-archive of NY municipal archives. The server is down as you can see "Due to overwhelming demand":

Marguerite dijo...

Thanks a lot, Araz! The link was included in the article linked at the date under the transcription (as I could not directly link to the archive). Now I have also included it separately. I hope soon it would be available.

Pawel dijo...

The missing word in the last line of transliterated text is "ibertseygt" (איבערצייגט).

Marguerite dijo...

thanks for the help, I complete it now! :)

Effe dijo...

a really vital language!

anshl dijo...

well, it's not "zoyre" (not known in yiddish) but "vare".

Marguerite dijo...

thanks, corrected! :)

mim dijo...

I wish my 98 year old mother didn't have dementia, so I could share this with her. She spoke and wrote yiddish. I do not, sadly.