Back from Lemberg

After the shutters of the late Mikolasch Passage, some further signs that refer to the unity of this one-time world.

Lemberg/Lwów, Horodotska, opposite to the house of Captain Truszkowski

Żółkiew/Zhovkva, main square corner

Bulat Okudzhava: Paris Phantasies

… Как стараются неутомимо
Бог, Природа, Судьба, Провиденье,
короли, спаниели и розы,
и питейные все заведенья,
Сколько мудрости в этом законе!
Но и грусти порой… Voilà!
… How tirelessly are aging
God, Nature, Fate, Providence,
the kings, spaniels and roses,
and all the beverage establishments,
how much wisdom there is in this law!
and sometimes also sadness… voilà!

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