My mother and my aunt.

Resignation. Six years of being the only child, a little girl as beautiful as could be dreamed – blonde, green-eyed, baby-faced – and now they bring you this… What were they thinking?

Usurpation. The newcomer has no doubts about where she belongs, and asserts her rights to occupy the place which was her share, without noticing any problem or conflict.

Ah, the younger sons and their carefreeness in this our modern society! Where are the times told by Duby when they had to roam the world to find a proper place for themselves?

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Tess Isabel B. dijo...

Ah, la théorie des cadets de Duby ! Il faut croire qu'elle laisse la nouvelle génération de cadets... dubitatifs.


Est + Snorri

Julia dijo...

Oui, c'est l'heure de la revolution des cadets!
Et nous premier-nés ne semblons parfois plus que des prototypes pour «le modèle parfait»...