Small ad

“Small ad” is mikron angelion in Greek, just like eu-angelion is “good news”, at least in Classical Greek, because in Modern Greek it is feminine: mikrê angelia. But this small messenger – angelos – who, slipping in through the window of Anna fell into a slumber on the shelf of gardens – paridais – and poems as in his natural milieu, is obviously masculine: mikroangelos.

It is him who inspired this mikrê angelia, sent to our blog by Anna who was encouraged by the ad about the mysterious Dutch holder and curious of the identity and purpose of this figure. Who is he? John Bull, or Johnny Walker at the end of a long day spent in the whiskey distillery? A rabbi, when finally all the guests have left? And what was its intended purpose in this extremely twisted posture?

If you could not reply for the question about the Dutch holder, here you are a second chance.

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Julia dijo...

Encantador, Anna!
No sé por qué, pero apenas lo vi me hizo pensar en el padre de Eliza Doolitle (la protagonista de My Fair Lady ). Aunque, la verdad, el actor que lo representaba en mi versión preferida (la de George Cukor, con Rex Harrison y Audrey Hepburn) es bastante más flaco. ¿Lo recuerdan? Es aquel que está siempre borracho, especialmente la noche antes de casarse cuando cantan "Get Me to the Church on Time"