Mare nostrum in November

The Bellver Castle, as seen from the coast of Can Perantoni, still manages to dominate
a city which has systematically devored the old neighborhoods of El Terreno, Santa
Catalina, Es Jonquet and the port of Can Barbarà. The concrete walls covering
the coast are here even more gray than those of the previous two
posts. Its effect on our historical memory
is devastating.

The wall along the snack bar beach of Can Perantoni. Pensioner’s sunshine of 1 November.
The rose window – one of the largest of the world – above the apsis of the cathedral
faces east, revealing the origin of the Christian church built on the
foundations of a mosque. Click to enlarge each photo!

From Palma in half an hour we reach Ses Covetes, on the south of the island. We see the
silhouette of Cabrera like a tamed Leviathan. On its ferocity we write each
time when we visit it in the summer.

We return to Palma. From El Portixol today we can see the ancient lighthouse of Porto Pi,
which already stood there in the Arabic Medina Mayurqa, and was witness to one
of the bloodiest battles during the Christian conquest of the island in 1229.
This is an unusual view, as it is always covered by large
tourist cruise ships docking in front of it.

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