Two series

…from the two young Iranian photographers Ehsan Amini and Hamed Masoumi who prepared the short video of It’s winter.

Hojjat Ashrafzadeh: جامه واصل Jam-e vasl (Cup fellowship). From the album شرح پریشانی Sharh-e Parishani (Distress tale) (2010)

Time’s Chariot (Ehsan Amini) passes through the main square of Isfahan disguised as a tourist cab, between the familiar scenery and the always cheerful and sociable Isfahanians.

The Black Square (Hamed Masoumi) is somewhere in America. But it could be anywhere in the world, as the Persian photographer has a particular talent to discover in any city Persia.

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Who knows New Julfa well? I'd like to ask for help for finding a fresko..