A new beginning

After the Bartholomew’s Day service and commemoration in the Transylvanian Szék (be sure to check this post if you haven’t yet done so!) we climb up to Felszeg, “the Upper Quarter”, to see the houses that fell into ruin in last July, and then descend to the market place to see in person – although we have already saw in photo – how our friends proceed with the building of their new house.

A brief summary of what we wrote about several times here, here and here. The incessant rains in last June repeatedly flooded the streets of Szék laying in the valley. At the same time the water rushing down the hillside also loosened the soil of the slope, and started a landslide in Felszeg which resulted in the collapse of six houses. The local press reported in detail about the catastrophe, illustrating with some photos the situation.

The signs of the landslide in Felszeg a few days ago. After demolishing the house the sight is not as frightening as one year ago, with the walls in ruins

Our friends with two school-girls who remained without shelter could not hope for help from anywhere. The great deputy mayor of the town tried to gain some support through his contacts, but in the midst of the round-the-clock saving operations he got a heart attack and died. On receiving news of the disaster we announced a collection for the rebuilding here at Río Wang, and during the following months our readers gave together 2056 euros in all. This sum made it possible to our friends to buy a building site in the town – because on the plots slid it is forbidden to build any more, but they receive no compensation instead – and to start a new house. Meanwhile, someone managed to obtain some state support in the form of a limited amount of brick, cement and timber, but it would not have been enough for the building of a new house without the help of our readers, even if the material of the collapsed house was gradually demolished and built into the new one, and the stonemason head of the family, János was building it all alone while the rest of the family were earning for the rest of the materials: the wife, Rózsi undertaking housecleaning in Budapest, and the two girls, living with the grandparents, serving after school as auxiliary waiters in the local restaurant.

Until the winter they could pull up the walls and the top ring, and in March, after the thaw to set up the roof which is now covered with a plastic foil in lack of tiles. One of the two small rooms have already been made habitable, and even cozy, and they painted the walls of the other. The gas stove already works in the kitchen, but electricity, water and heating are not yet in the house. The work is suspended now: János is trying to earn the money for the additional materials as a mason in Cluj.

A watch-house there is already, even if no real house to watch

The future place of the entrance door and the kitchen

To welcome the guests there is always place in Transylvania

The pride of the house: the room which is already furnished with the furniture of the old house. The father of Rózsi, at whom the girls live now

The bathroom has yet to be equipped

The loft…

…and the roof

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Rózsi and János estimate that at least a thousand and five hundred euros would be necessary to make the house habitable also for the winter – which in Szék arrives in October – so that they should not spend also this winter scattered at relatives. And we, trusting in the already experienced generosity of our readers, ask you to help, no matter how little you can give. With the included PayPal button you can send money from a credit card to the account opened for them, but we also send an account number for bank transfer on request. We thank for any help in advance.

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Hardly a day has passed since the publication of this post, and alredy the first „ice breaking” eighty euros have been assembled due to the courtesy of Douglas Kretzmann (USA), Petrus Augustinus and Bálint Kardos. And this morning even the highly popular Hungarian Mandiner blog transmitted our report and appeal in a warm post. We are very grateful to everyone for their help both so far and in the near future.

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One more day has passed, and almost half of the necessary sum, 675 euros have been collected, mainly due to the publicity offered by Mandiner, and thanks to Gyarmati-Szabó István, Komáromi András Levente, Sz. Kis László, Szabó Kristóf Imre, Pető István, Szávoszt-Vass Dániel, Balázs Péter, Fehér Tibor, Gábor Dávid, Farkas Gábor and Kardos Bálint. Thank you for your help!

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By the third day 830 euros have been gathered, thanks (apart from the above ones) to Szabó Zsolt, Szedlák Ádám, Catherine Willis (France) and W (Britain). Only 670 more euros are necessary. We hope it will come together soon. You can even send five or ten euros if you cannot more; every penny counts, as winter comes soon in Transylvania.

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Continued here…