On the wings of fame

We have just received the news that our readers have nominated our blog for the 2011 Golden Blog of Hungary contest, and once it happened so, we cannot but face the challenge with honor. As this international version of the blog is but a true mirror of the Hungarian one (or vice versa), we invite you to express your appreciation (in case you have any) by going in your Facebook avatar to the Golden Blog voting page, and clicking in the second column (“Kult-szórakozás”, that is, “Culture and Entertainment” – miscuit utile dulci) on “a wang folyó versei”, the little Eastern European twin brother of this widely traveled and cosmopolitan Río Wang. Voting is going on until 21 August. Thank you for the honor.

2 comentarios:

Araz dijo...

Good luck, Studiolum, I think Rio Wang is beyond any categories or boundaries they put while listing it in this competition. I just hope that this will be a chance for many more to learn about this wonderful blog "connecting our worlds".

Studiolum dijo...

I also hope so, and that’s why I like the fact of being nominated. BTW, being beyond categories is, in my experience, also a disadvantage in such contests: the jury usually loves the blogs with a well-definable subject. But anyway – it is just a game, with the main purpose of involving a little bit the readers of the blog, thus connecting our worlds in one more way!