This is the name of the American web host who has kept the site of Studiolum for almost ten years. At the time, we have chosen them because a number of reviews evaluated them among the best, and so it was: they were cheap, fast and reliable. We have been satisfied with them, and over the years we have also recommended them to others. Then they gradually began to deteriorate. The server has slowed down, the site was frequently down, letters were lost. Prices began to creep upwards: the initial $ 60 a year became 107 by the last year and 134 by this year. As a hidden price increase, they have introduced negative option billing: they have unilaterally introduced various upgrades, and if you do not refuse them in time, they submit a bill.

But now the last drop fell in the glass. We received a letter from the legal department of informing us that we have stored a large amount of material on our server (where, just to make it clear, we subscribed to unlimited disk space and bandwidth) which is not related to the site, so they request us to remove it within three days. When we asked them which files they refer to, they answered that the audio files, which we have kept in a single folder. We have replied that each of these files – as our readers know it well – are linked to our site. One more day later – that is, two days after the first letter – we received their letter informing us that in fact there are no longer any files in violation of the contract. We have calmed down, but only as long as we did not check the audio folder. Then we had to realize that the reason why there are no such files is that while we were waiting for their answer, arbitrarily deleted the entire content of the folder.

Here is the end of the story which we just shared with you so that anyone else may learn from it. In fact, web host reviews, as we have just checked it again, today already consider among the worst providers. Here you are just a few examples, without any selection, just copying the titles of the evaluations one after the other:

Webhosting Reviews: “Globat sucks!” “Only interested in your money!” “Run far away from Globat!” “Tech support rude & incompetent” “Complete waste of money” “Globat is a horrible excuse for a business”

Best host ratings: “The Worst” “No service” “Our PHP scripts got hacked” “Virus on Globat” “Poor service, Downtime” “Unreliable” “Globat has the worst customer service” “The worst in the world”

Host Search: “Try to automatically upgrade ten times a year” “Files are unrecognizable. No refund” “Incomprehensible tech support. Dubious business practices. Unreachable most of the time. Run. Save yourself”

Webhosting Jury: “I have had too many bad-to-nightmare experiences with this company to even know where to begin…”

Cheap Web Hosting: “Globat. Rating: NOT RECOMMENDED. We no longer collect and publish Globat complaints in this page.”

So many arguments are hard to resist. We are looking for a new host. We ask our readers to share with us your good experiences, if you have any. Our requirements are: unlimited storage and bandwidth, possibility of installing Joomla, multi-domain user account, good speed and reliability, for no more than about $ 80 per year. And that our materials may not be deleted without notice. If it is not too much to ask nowadays.

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Anónimo dijo...

I have been very happy with laughing squid...

Good luck and thanks for the blog!

Studiolum dijo...

Thanks a lot! I will check them. And thanks for your visit!

48-14 dijo...


Sorry to hear about your issue with Globat. I would like to offer my company as your new host if you haven't found one as yet.

I would also suggest that your next host, whether my company or another is not unlimited. The selling of "unlimited" hosting is only a marketing trick that works but causes a lot issues in the long run for a few reasons;

1. There is no such thing as an unlimited hard drive, so selling unlimited space is basically a lie.

2. Hosts that sell unlimited space are hoping that person using the account will never attempt to use all of their space.

3. "Unlimited" hosts will limit the amount of resources an account will use when it becomes popular. This will either result in slowing down the site, suspending it, or deleting files.

4. Most "unlimited" host are prone to attacks all the time from hackers...and when your site is hacked the host will suspended you and leave it up to you to fix.

5. Most host that sell "unlimited" plans are over-crowded with lots of other sites sharing the same server.

These are issues that lots of people have from almost all the unlimited hosts that exists. If you have a moment I would like to help you by looking over your site and what you actually need for files and bandwidth.



Studiolum dijo...

Thanks, Michael. We have checked a number of hosts, but have not yet decided. Could you please send us a personal e-mail to the address in the margin (in the “More from us” section)? Thank you in advance!