Pure poetry

Politics is an art. And sometimes politics exceeds the highest peaks of avant-garde art, as in the following performance of the President of the Government of the Balearic Islands. Listen carefully to the fascinating rhythm of this video. Pure phonetic poetry in the vein of Tristan Tzara, or perhaps rather of today’s hip-hop. Only twenty-three seconds.

«¡Sabemos qué es lo que hay que hacer y lo vamos a hacer! Y por eso hacemos lo que hemos dicho que íbamos a hacer. Y por eso seguiremos haciendo aquello que nos toca hacer, a pesar de que alguno no se crea que vamos a hacer lo[s] que hemos dicho que íbamos a hacer.» (José Ramón Bauzá)

“We know what is what we have to do and we will do it! And this is why we do what we have said that we would do. And this is why we keep doing what we have to do, even if there are some who do not believe that we would do what we have said we would do!”

When I was a child, my father always told me: “think before doing or telling anything”. I have not always been able to follow this maxim. Nor do I know what would I do if I were a politician in these troubled times. In any case, the most interesting aspect of this video is that the President had a written text before him. A standing ovation for the ghostwriter!

Karawane, 1916. Phonetic poem by the Dadaist Hugo Ball, recited by Marie Osmond

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MOCKBA dijo...

Russula is recognizeable which makes the verse somewhat less Dada? I just saw some nice Russula emetica in a dream the other night

Effe dijo...

I’m not able to see the video from here, but the text is wonderful. He didn’t say anything, after all, so that if he’s really going to do what he said he will do, he will do nothing!