Pink postcards 4

[18 November 1914]
Name of the sender: Károly Timó, 1st Infantry Regiment
Address of the sender: 3rd suppl. bataillon, 2nd section, Budapest

Address: To the honored Miss Antónia Zajác
3rd district, Kis Korona Street 52.

My dear Janka!
I am letting you know, that now we have leave several times in the evening, but I cannot use it, because we are allowed to leave only from 6 to 9, so it is not worth anything. On Sunday I’ll probably come home, unless something comes up, which I don’t know yet; if before 4 I am not at home, you come to see me. Now you also have more time, since your mother is at home. How is she? I hope you also feel well. I have got a bad cold, but this is nothing. And now I’m going to play. My greetings to the old flolks.
Servus. Many k…s from your

Previous letters (indicated in grey on the map):

Budapest, 27 October 1914
Debrecen, 25 September 1914
Szerencs, 28 August 1914
[In the past three weeks, the confusion has somewhat settled, but the constant desire for leave – as there is war – is usually missing. The time given for the leave, roughly speaking, is worth nothing. Despite the free travel provided for soldiers, and the direct connection: by the time he would reach tram 9 at Franz Joseph Barracks, and it rattled along Üllői street, crossed the Franz Joseph bridge, and along the Danube slowly arrived at Óbuda, he would almost immediately have had to turn back.

One can feel from the letter the uncertainty because of the missing leaves, and the concern about the health of the parents of the sender and the addressee.

What can the last, mysterious abbreviation mean? It is left to our imagination. At the sight of the parting words, a prudish reader rather turns his or her eyes away.]

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