Pink postcards 6.

[28 November 1914?]
Name of the sender: Károly Timó, 1st Infantry Regiment
Address of the sender: 3rd battalion, 2nd section, People’s Park

Address: To the honored Miss Antónia Zajác
3rd district, Kis-Korona Street 52

My dear son.
I felt so bad that on Sunday I could not come home, because the orders came like this, in the last minute. I was waiting for you down at the gate, but in vain. I hope, my son, that you are already healthy. Take care of yourself, because I, for example, cannot prevent myself from being cold. What does your mom do, is she completely all right? In the last week I had a little free time in the evenings, but now there us such an upheaval, that one gets really dizzy. Things are absolutely not going well here. And I do not know yet when I will be released. In the meantime, I kiss you

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[Among the usual laments for the highly coveted, but always postponed rendezvous, there is a dropped half-sentence referring to the small circles of the war, the atmosphere and mood of the battalion preparing to go to the front. The position of the troops of the Monarchy dissolved the dreams of late summer. The momentum of the blitz against Serbia was broken, and the Russian troops – however the contemporary press tries to soften it – have already crossed the thousand-year old borders, and in many places have already invaded the inner curve of the Carpathians.

“We’ll beat the Russians out of the Carpathians!”

Nervousness, conflicting commands and news, fears and uncertain feelings may whirl behind the walls. Well, yes: “Things are absolutely not going well here.”]

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