White Christmas

A childhood dream. Freshly fallen snow, a walk on the hillside in the twilight, on the crunching snow, the light of the candelabra dissolving as the milk loaf, the sound of the snow being bumped off the branches. A dream becoming increasingly unreal with global warming. In only a few places has it become a reality. Jerusalem, for example, where Két Sheng / Gyuri captured the following scene:

The countries poor in snow, what can they do? They borrow their Christmas postcards from countries rich in snow. This is what Canada does, from where in November we received this message:

I work for a non-profit organization in Canada. I saw a beautiful picture in your blog, which I would gladly use for our Christmas postcard. Would you please give permission?

Of course.

As to why the Canadian The Centre of Israel & Jewish Affairs sends a Christmas postcard, it can be questioned only by the most nitpicky. In fact, Hanuka and Christmas exactly coincided this year. And to make ecumenism even more complete, I received this postcard exactly today, on the day of the Orthodox Christmas, from Gyuri, who received a bunch of them from the Centre as a complimentary copy. So I forward it to our readers as long as the feast lasts.

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Happy New Year.... à vous tous,
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