Pink postcards 23

Sender Károly Timó 1st March Regiment
                                   Martini Battalion
FIELD POSTCARD           Bányai Company

To the honored
          Miss Antonia Zajác
3rd district, Kis-Korona Street 52

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My Dearestjul. 14.

You write in your cards that I write so little. But really, whenever it is possible, I write to you first.

As to whether I like Galicia, well, it would be nice, but only in peacetime. You know why. This postcard I send to you is an eternal memorial from your native land, because this is a bark.

I think that in lack of anything else this will also make you happy. But now I write you to write more often, because now you have more time than I.

Embraces and kisses from your J…w

[With this letter, it is difficult to preserve the reserved style of the objective publication. From every line, every letter scribbled with ink radiates the love for the dear one left at home.

However, the battalion was presumably not as far from the front as the region where his beloved Antonia was born. Their successful advance towards Lemberg would have not justify such a great retreat. Perhaps it was his mental world, seen from the far away front, that shrunk so much.

The exhibition closed a few weeks ago, which was also remembered a propos of one of the earlier pink postcards, there were some more birch bark postcards from the front. Perhaps they were used in the lack of front postcards, but in any case, a faint trace of the censor’s signature and stamp can be seen even on this one.

Interestingly, the few birch bark cards to be found over the web on collectors’ and auction sites, were sent without exception in the first half of 1915 from the Carpathians.

And they were not ruined during such delivery:

This was still the post office of the peacetimes!]

Next postcard: 25 July 1915

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