Pink postcards 24

Sender: Károly Timó, 1st March Regiment
Address of the sender: Martini Battalion Bányay Company
Field Post 350


Address: To the honored Miss Antonia Zajác
3rd district, Kis-Korona Street 52.

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My dear sonon 25 July

I received with great pleasure the news that you went on holiday to Siófok. Don’t be sad that I cannot be with you this time. Next year we will make up for it at Horányi and in other places. I also consider my pastime as a holiday, although it is a bit strange. But it can be tolerated.

Here we have a very nice weather, which reminds me of last summer, those unforgettable days.

I hope you would send a few nice postcards from there, to make more pleasant my boring days. Otherwise I feel good, which I also wish to you from my heart. I cannot write you any more news.

Kisses and embraces from your loving

if you write then
write me as much as possible

[This year they will spend their holiday separately.

It is a bit strange, but next year it will be different.

According to the plans.]

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Holiday in Siófok, at lake Balaton, Hungary, in 1917. Photos by László Péchy from Fortepan. You would not think that there is a major war a few centimeters away on the map.

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