Would you buy from this man…

…extra virgin Spanish olive oil, in the Czech Republic?

Or Atlantic mackerel filets?

Oh yes, there was a time, when both the Andalusian mar de olivos and the Atlantic Ocean washed the shores of the Hapsburg Empire. However, this was more than two centuries before the Czech sea withdrew itself from under the scepter of Francis Joseph. Despite this, or perhaps exactly for this reason, the Czech Republic is flooded with nostalgia for the monarchy. Apparently anything can be sold with Francis Joseph, Sissi, or old prints of the First World War.

True, in other former member countries of the Monarchy you can also find products, which no k. u. k. supplier has ever delivered to the table of His Majesty.

However, in the Czech Republic the image of the Emperor is particularly unfitting for any food. Since Švejk, the risks of hygiene it involves are widely known.

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Unknown dijo...

When traveling in Europe, I often buy Macedonian red wine. In Macedonia itself and neighboring countries it sells simply as "Vranec", as it should be; but Aldi stores in Germany sell it, strangely enough, under the brand name "King Arthur". I reckon "King Alexander" would make a lot more sense for a Macedonian product, but perhaps Greeks would protest against such an appellation.