Breaking news: Whose is this song?

Yesterday evening we posted this news only in the Hungarian version of Río Wang, considering that it can be interesting only to local readers. But as we realize that several readers residing in Hungary prefer reading the English version of the blog, now we also publish it in here. So here you are: Adela Peeva’s fantastic documentary Чия е тази песен? / Whose is this song? will be on Duna TV this evening at 23:10. (Duna TV can be also watched via Internet, but they do not always transmit each film that is actually on screen). This film, which was nominated the best European documentary in 2003 follows the ways in the Balkans of that famous late Ottoman wandering melody about which we have already written in detail. True, there we have inserted the complete film from Google Video, but this evening you will see it in a much better quality (and hopefully  not dubbed, only subtitled in Hungarian). Don’t miss it!

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