Two years in the garden

Kata, as in every year, has again composed a bouquet, eighty-nine pictures from last year’s photos in our garden. Have a look at it. You can randomly click on some tiles in the large mosaic if you want, but if I may suggest, you’d better open the first picture, the one with the small Japanese acer and the red lilies and then let you be guided from picture to picture by the small hand on the right side. So you can live through in a condensed way what we have lived through during a year in the garden.






If you live together with the garden for many years, you see growing from year to year not only the garden but also the number of the year’s seasons. For the first spring is completely different from the magnolias’ blooming at Easter, or the June garden covered with roses from the lazy and hazy August jungle. The two weeks of the trees’ coloring is an independent season, absolutely distinct from the increasingly longer lukewarm late autumn. And you will even understand the reason of the new year’s absurd beginning in the middle of winter, for the snowy calming down at the end of the year cannot be compared to the frosty and icy new year’s winter torturing both people and animals, the longest season of the year.

At the same time of solemnly closing down the past year, we also announce the program of the new year. The most prestigious Hungarian gardening magazine Kertbarát Magazin has found Kata through her garden blog, and invited her to write an article on our garden in every issue of the magazine in 2010. The first edition has already been published. The project of the next ones is to be read in Kata’s garden blog.

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¡Muchas gracias, en el nombre de los esmerados jardineros húngaros!

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You have a beautiful garden - and a fascinating blog. I hope to explore more thoroughly in the future.

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Thanks a lot. Do come back to visit soon.

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