Streets of Cairo

We have already written some posts on our travel to Egypt. Setting out from Cairo and crossing the Western Desert, we arrived to Aswan. We have a photo album that we will be sharing here. We start it with this quick impression of the streets and the people of Cairo, a city where it seems that anything imaginable can happen at any time, and which is as friendly and warm inside as its surface looks hard from outside.

Move the mouse on the tiles to see the photos with their commentaries (it does not work in Google Reader). Enlarge the images by clicking on the tiles.

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Megkoronáz dijo...

How amazing to see the pyramids looming up behind a five-storey building. It seems fairly prosperous, were there things to buy besides the usual tourist stuff? What are the buildings made from, what's the brownish coffee colour? Sand, in some form, I guess. My daughter just finished writing an essay on Egypt, I had to learn all about Egyptian foreign policy.