Passatge Bacardi

The Passatge Bacardi, which connects the Rambla with Barcelona’s secret heart, the Plaza Real was built by the same Francesc Daniel Molina i Casamajó, chief architect of the town’s urban planning, who also designed the whole Plaza Real. It is no coincidence that the arcades of the Plaza continue the rhythm of the passage, or rather vice versa. In summer, it’s a big bazaar, filled with shops, cafes, umbrellas. Only this time, in the winter it unfolds its architectonic structure.

3 comentarios:

shary dijo...

Love the pictures!

JK dijo...

Yes, one more thing.
I come back to your blog on and on...,not only because the content is so greatly rich and unusual, but most of all, because of your way of shooting photos of the visited places. Those series of photos, they have a dreamlike narration. Those fragments, details, angles. Like from the dream,that you've try to remember or from an old, forgotten memory.
Also those photos are a bit voyeuristic, the city you portray is always so surprised. So surprised.

Studiolum dijo...

Thank you really very much, Joanna. In fact, this is exactly what I always want to achieve with these photos. Being too well aware of the impossibility of offering a complete description either in text or in pictures on any place, I confine myself to offering a fragmentary outline with surprised photos which – so I hope – invite you to complement it with the building material of your own imaginary: dreams, memories and fantasies.