The big fish

While we are cycling upstream along the Danube, we do not want to leave our readers out of the pleasures of wild waters either. Fedor Telkov somewhere in Russia asks the fishermen about how big was the biggest catch of their lives.

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MOCKBA dijo...

:) and I guess you know what happened after they tied the angler's wrists together, so that he couldn't exaggerate anymore?

Studiolum dijo...

I guess they kept showing: “this long was just the smallest fin of it”.

MOCKBA dijo...

Close enough... hands are shaped as if they are hugging a ball - "with the eyes THAT big". It's fairly popular Russian idiom about wild exaggeration, "с вооот такими глазами!"

A cursory image search didn't turn up any good illustrations, but I spotted one curious addition to your visual series here.