Such huge

Москва’s commentary to the previous post:

“…and I guess you know what happened after they tied the angler’s wrists together, so that he couldn’t exaggerate anymore?”

Studiolum: “I guess he kept showing: «this long was just the smallest fin of it»

Москва: “Close enough… hands are shaped as if they are hugging a ball – «with the eyes THAT big». It’s a fairly popular Russian idiom about wild exaggeration, «с вооот такими глазами!»

A cursory image search didn’t turn up any good illustrations, but I spotted one curious addition to your visual series here:”

That the expression has become a meme indeed is shown, besides several thousand search hits, also by images such as this one:

“Such a HUUUGE fish! With such HUUUGE eyes!”

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John Emerson dijo...

They're not always lying. This is a Danube catfish.

John Emerson dijo...

I mean this.

John Emerson dijo...

My computer is possessed by Satan.

Studiolum dijo...

Consult a good exorcist. What a luck I always keep some holy water around, so I could asperge mine before opening your last and obviously infected message.

Lord, but it is HUUUGE… are you sure it is caught by the anglers and not vice versa? However… с никакими глазами!