The Museum of Censorship

I get to know late about the best exhibitions. Just now I’m reading that in the Museum of Censure four days ago closed this overview of the political cartoons of Europe between 1940 and 1950 which, due to the extraordinary events, the intense enemy-making and, not least, by the changes of allies, is one of the most interesting chapters of European popular graphics. And also one of the least known chapters: over the ensuing decades, there was nobody in the position to have an overview of the entire matter. A telling detail is therefore, especially in a Russian context, the double flag on the shoulder of the exhibition’s heraldic animal in which at the first glance I seem to recognize the salamander of Čapek.

I’m trying to find out where the Museum of Censorship is. On a very matching site, that’s for sure.

And only gradually I realize that what I see is a literally virtual museum. It is an exam work of the Russian design student Sasha Ermolenko, a complete graphic design and advertisement package for museum communication.

The ad is already perfect. Just the exhibition is missing yet. It would be most welcome.

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