Serra de ses Figueres

The schematic profile of Cabrera to the south of the island of Mallorca in the beautiful Kitab-ı Bahriye (Book of Navigations, 1526), based on the map of the Turkish admiral Piri Reis, only marks the bays where to cast anchor. On our visit to the island this year, however, we went inland, climbing high up to the crest of the Serra de ses Figueres (Sierra de las Higueras, the Fig Tree Mountain). There, from a certain point you can see simultaneously the harbor of “s’Olla” (the Pot), a small cove on the opposite side, the five “Estells”, islets or cliffs marking the southern boundary of the national park to the south, and to the north, pointing the way to Mallorca, the island of Conillera (Conejera, Rabbits Island) with the subsidiary islets that surround it.

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