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Exactly two weeks have passed since we have asked our readers again, after the great fundraising of last year, to help us to collect the minimum amount of 1,500 euros necessary to our friends in Szék/Sic (Romania), whose house was washed off by the flood of last July, to move in before the coming winter to the new house they have been building with great sacrifice.

Donations immediately started to come, especially after the Hungarian portal Mandiner also published our appeal, which we want to gratefully acknowledge once more. Some sent five euros and some four hundred, but the gesture of commitment and willingness to help was equally valuable in each of them. And today, almost at the same time arrived the last two donations – from Azerbaijan and from Budapest – by which the amount reached the foreseen 1,500 euros, and even exceeded it by sixty. However, we do not fear it would not find its good place in Szék, just like any other eventual donation until the house – hopefully next spring – would be finally complete. We will hand over the money to Rózsi this weekend in Budapest, so the preparation of the house for the winter can already start next week.

Faithfully to the tradition, let us call the names of those who helped to make this dream a reality:

Douglas Kretzmann (USA), Petrus Augustinus, Kardos Bálint, Gyarmati-Szabó István, Komáromi András Levente, Sz. Kis László, Szabó Kristóf Imre, Pető István, Szávoszt-Vass Dániel, Balázs Péter, Fehér Tibor, Gábor Dávid, Farkas Gábor, Szabó Zsolt, Szedlák Ádám, Catherine Willis (France), W (Britain), Dömötör Károly, Fügi Balázs, Simonfi Dávid, Pozsonyi Máté, Kaleha Zsolt, Vándor Kinga, Nagy Tibor, Molnár Gergely, Araz Yusubov (Azerbaijan).

By clicking here you can send via PayPal or from bank card any amount to the flood victims of Szék. We will send a receipt of each donation. Thank you for your help.
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Thank you very much for all the help and generosity, also on our friends’ behalf. And on our behalf, for the trust with which you’ve honored our blog, the treasurer of this fundraising. The almost fairy-tale-like fact that our readers and the readers of Mandiner, of whom only a few know us personally, on a single appeal collected a thousand and five hundred and sixty euros in less than two weeks, which, together with the 2,056 euros collected last year for the same purpose, almost reaches one million Hungarian forints, tells us more about the confidence of our readers and is a greater glory to our blog than the best place in any blog competition.

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Studiolum dijo...

Today we have handed over the money to the mother of Rózsi, she takes it home to Szék/Sic today, and from tomorrow on they will continue the work with it. The receipt of the sum signed by her – just like those of the previous sums – is at us, and we send a copy to any donator on demand. We thank you once more for your generous help.