Dissolving: Fibonacci

This photo of the 8 April session of the Ukrainian parlament with an analysis of its proportions might suggest three things to the viewer.

To an extraterrestrial, that the earthlings perform all their actions, even the most spontaneous and passionate, according to complicated ritual rules, like a great dance.

To an earthling, that the law of the golden ratio defines everything.

To a cynical earthling, that with a bit of effort, the pattern of the golden ratio can be read into anything.

A photographer knows, that until he begins to photograph parliaments, thousands of pictures with the golden ratio are seen, praised, and made by he himself, so he shoots similar ones by habit, then he chooses, from among the dozens of shots, those that are the closest to it for publication, and if necessary, he even trims it (as here, where by cropping the right hands, he sacrifices a perfect pyramidal composition for the sake of a perfect golden ratio).

And an art historian knows that the golden ratio as an universal law must be analyzed only in such pictures where it can be shown.

3 comentarios:

Lloyd Dunn dijo...

The disembodied hands are like a flock of white doves calling for peace.

Can I vote for the third option?

Studiolum dijo...

No, you as a visual expert must vote for the fourth option. And for the fifth one, of course.

Rupert Neil Bumfrey dijo...

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